Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Leader

Can I just say how much I don't enjoy leading singing at church? Don't get me wrong. I love to sing in church. It never fails to put a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. I also love to serve the Lord. Nothing on Earth gives me more satisfaction and joy than serving Christ by serving others. Song leading combines these two essential acts of Christian living.

Why, then, does song leading make me want to put my head between legs, curl up in a ball and wish that Sunday would just hurry up and pass already! More importantly, why is that the area of service that God has chosen for me? He had to have chosen it for me because I sure didn't choose it myself.

Everyone at church is so supportive and encouraging! Every time I lead singing they come and tell me how much they enjoyed the singing and what I good job I did. I just wish I didn't get so stinking NERVOUS! And now I have to put up a brave front because both of my boys lead singing on various Wednesday evenings and want to be like their daddy (I know, maybe they'll grow out of it).

I'll continue to lead singing as long as I am needed and wanted. I have a really hard time saying no when asked to do anything for the church. I don't know...some little thing they call a conscience. As soon as each service is over I think to myself, "That wasn't so bad! What was I so afraid of?" Maybe with time my nerves will settle and I can actually learn to enjoy doing what seems to bless so many other people. I'll keep trying anyway.


Amy said...

You do a great job, Kyle! You always lead good songs!! Keep it up!

Jammi said...

ah.. those were the days. kyle leading the music at calvary! where does the time go? im sure you do a great job..just like you did back then! nerves and all. ;)


Jenschke Family said...

Oh Kyle, that makes me sad! You are an awesome song leader and I love it when it is your "turn". You do a great job and I would have never known you were nervous. You are a wonderful father and your kids are a true example of your dedication to the Lord. Keep it up!