Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Challenge

Funny how life is sometimes. When I started this blog I was at a point in my life where exercises was a big priority. After spending months working out at the gym, I had moved outside and running was becoming my new favorite pastime. Even the title of my blog was an homage to my new hobby although it was intended only as a pun.

What a difference a day makes! I think I've only stepped foot in the gym twice in the last six months. I did keep running but even that has started to taper. I'm not eating healthy like I had been so faithful at doing so I'm starting to put back on some of the weight I lost.

So...I decided that some accountability was in order. After I lost weight I remembered a picture of myself that I took several years ago. It's horrible! No shirt, pale white skin, and more rolls than a bakery. I looked and looked for it this summer but couldn't find it anywhere. Well, I came across it the other day by accident. I thought what a better way to motivate myself than to threaten to post the picture on my blog if I can't get back into the swing of things.

Now, I know I may regret it later but I'm giving my self one month to get back to my daily-exercising, sugar-avoiding, fat-resisting, smaller-portioning ways or else that picture gets the "blog treatment" and I promise won't be pretty.



Okay, save me the pain and torture of the pictures! :)

Want to have a Tuesday evening run?

Kyle Vannoy said...

Sounds good! Let me know.

The Vannoy Family said...

OMG! You will NOT put the picture of you on the blog - you'll scare people! lol! I'm supporting you and yes I do read your blog! I love you!